Red Mountain Law Group Named One of Birmingham’s 2014 Best Places to Work

May 22, 2014     / / /

Best_Places_to_Work_2014Red Mountain Law Group (RMLG) has been named as one of Birmingham’s 2014 Best Places to Work by the Birmingham Business Journal by taking first place in the competition’s small business category. This is the second time RMLG has been recognized as a Best Places to Work recipient, with the first honor awarded to the group in 2011.

“Honorees are selected based on the results of a workplace survey conducted at companies by Quantum Workplace,” explained Ty West, Birmingham Business Journal managing editor. “Winners are the top scorers in their size categories, and being named as one of the Best Places to Work in Birmingham is a coveted distinction in the area.”

RMLG and other companies named as Best Places to Work were honored during a special luncheon March 20 at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel. All winners were featured in a special section of the March 21 edition of the Birmingham Business Journal. The theme for this year’s event was “Does your company rock?”

RMLG Executive Manager N. DeWayne Pope offered the group’s best practices that lead to its recognition as one of Birmingham’s Best Places to Work in the following excerpt from the Birmingham Business Journal’s 3/21/14 edition:

What makes your company’s culture rock? RMLG has a unique blend of attorneys and staff with varied backgrounds and an entrepreneurial spirit.

What song title best sums up your company’s culture? “Bad to the Bone.”

Why does that song represent your culture? We’re innovative, collaborative, on the cutting edge of the legal services market and work with some of the “baddest” entrepreneurs, small businesses and business executives in the Birmingham area.

Describe your corporate culture in five words or less: Innovative. Entrepreneurial. Collaborative.

What’s your company’s strategy for retaining its rock stars? Select people that fit into the group culture and provide them with support and opportunities for development.

What would you say are the three coolest perks about working at your company? Flexibility, progressive, friendly work environment.

What’s an area you are still trying to improve on? Balancing flexibility with making sure the job gets done.

What’s the hardest part about creating a great place to work? Every member of a team brings his/her own personality, skill set and strengths/weaknesses to the team and accommodating those differences in a way that allows the individual to reach his/her potential but form an effective team is the hard part.

Our ideal job candidate is: 2










One trait we don’t want in a job candidate is: Negativity.

What’s the one tip or best practice you would suggest for a company looking to create a better workplace? Don’t treat your employees like cogs in a machine. Treat your employees with respect and as individuals that bring a mix of skills and experiences to your team.

What makes your company different? Our entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative culture.

Describe your company’s philosophy on human resources: Create a company culture that treats your employees with respect and provides them with opportunities that play to their strengths.



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